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Saturday, 24 Feb 2018

Signs of the Approach of Judgement Day

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Ayah 1 of Suratul-Anbiya means: [The time of people’s judgement has come so close, yet they heed not and they turn away].

Today we will talk about the signs indicating the approach of Judgement Day. Judgement Day is a day of great horror for the majority because it is the day when our deeds will be put to judgement and no one will escape the consequences of what they had done or said or believed in this life.

Ayah 18 of Surat Muhammad means:

[Do they then await only the Hour that it comes to them suddenly? For indeed, its signs have already started to come! Then, how can they have their reminder when the Hour comes to them?].

Ayah 59 of Surat Ghafir, means:

[The Hour will certainly come. There is no doubt -Yet most mankind believe not].

 Allah, the Exalted, created the world. He has created earth as our temporary living place. Earth is merely a passage way to the Hereafter and not a permanent living place. The Qur’an informs, that nothing in this life is eternal, everything we see will eventually perish, taking with it life on earth.

Nothing on earth will remain the way we see it today, the immense mountains that once stood with majesty against the frailty of man, will collapse into insignificant particles of dust.

Although we do not know when exactly the world is going to end, the Prophet told us of some of the signs which indicate that the Hour is approaching, drawing nearer.

In the Hadith the Prophet said what means:

<<Speed up to do [good] deeds before tribulations like pieces of the darkened night, wherein a man will awaken a believer but be an unbeliever by night, or will be a believer by night and awaken an unbeliever, [and in which] people will sell their religion for some (worthless) worldly provisions>>.

Also the Prophet said what means:

<<A time will come upon people wherein the one steadfast to his Religion will be like one holding a burning coal>>.

It’s been related in many hadiths as well as stated by scholars of Islam that some  minor indications are; some people will claim prophet-hood, earthquake occurrences will increase, as well as  a population of deceivers and misleaders -- among them will be the preachers of corruption,  diseases unfamiliar to society will spread, fornication and adultery will be widespread, wine will be excessively drunk, and people will compete with one another in building tall buildings, unqualified people will be appointed in some significant positions, detectable changes to the weather conditions and a widespread of events of killings and injustice will take place, also the case will be, the close distances between shopping centres, and you hardly find a person who prays in a mosque with humbleness and humility. All of these indications are known to have already prevailed. Also a speedy elapse of time, whereby a year would seem like a month and a month would seem like a week and so on will be experienced.

Dear brothers, the chain of minor signs will not happen in a short span of time, they are expected to continue prevailing along years leading into the time when major signs will begin to appear one after the other in a short span of time. Life on earth will suddenly end with a magnificent blow.

We ask Allah to keep us steadfast on the right path until death. Ameen

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