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The 15th Night of Sha^ban

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Saturday, 24 Feb 2018

The Faithful Friends

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In Baghdad, three friends were joined by a bond of love and companionship even though they lived in different areas. Each one of them had a family to support. They would often meet in the market to trade items and buy what they needed of clothes, drinks, and food. The three friends were Said, Yahya, and Al-Rabi.

Eid was approaching and Said was distressed because he had no money. His wife told him, “Said, you and I can be patient with this hardship, but our young children have no patience. They saw the neighbor’s kids get new clothes and sweets and they have none of that.”

Said became depressed. He thought about what he could do to solve his problem. Allah willed for Said to write a letter to his friend Yahya, telling him about his difficult financial situation. In the letter, Said asked Yahya for a loan that would be repayed one month after the Eid. Said sent the letter with his oldest son who set out hurriedly to Yahya’s house on the other side of Baghadad.

Said’s son knocked on the door, Yahya opened. He saw his faithful friend’s son and was very happy. He took the letter and welcomed him. After reading the letter, he went to his safe and came back with a red bag that had 1000 dirhams. He gave it to Said’s son who thanked him, then quickly went back to his father.

Said’s son returned to his house and gave his father the bag. Before opening the bag, there was a knock at the door. Al-Rabi’s son was there with a letter from his father explaining his difficult situation and asking for a loan. Said immediately gave Al-Rabi’s son the bag of money. He ordered his son not to mention any of this to his mother.

Several hours passed. Then there was another knock at the door. It was Yahya, carrying the red bag. Said did not know what was going on Yahya asked him, “Tell me what you did with the money I sent you.” Said told him what happened. Then he asked Yahya how the bag of money was with him when it should have been with Al-Rabi.

Yahya said, “When I got your letter asking for money, I gave you all what I had. Then I sent a letter to Al-Rabi asking him for some help. He sent back the same bag that I gave you.” The money had turned a full circle! The two friends Said and Yahya went to Al-Rabi and split the money evenly among them. News of the events reached the Caliph who sent after the friends. He was very happy with their kind actions. So the Caliph gave each of them 2000 dinars. Praise be to Allah, the One who created everything and the One who provides sustenance to all creations.

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