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The 15th Night of Sha^ban

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Friday, 23 Feb 2018

Ease After Difficulty

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Once upon a time, a man gave his son a saddle to sell. They did not have much and needed to buy something to eat and drink. Even the money that the Caliph (1) had given them had been spent.

The house that the man and his family were staying in was a state house. The Caliph had set aside some houses so that the poor people or those who were travelling could live in them. Their house was very small, and there was a very light curtain on the window. The wooden door was not very sturdy.

Soon after the son left, there was loud and aggressive knocking at the door. The man opened the door and a group of the Caliph’s soldiers entered, filling up the ting house. Behind the soldiers was a group of diggers.

The man was very scared but the captain reassured him. The captain asked about the man’s name and about his current situation. The man told him that they needed food, which was why he sent his son to sell the saddle.

The diggers began digging the ground of the house. The soldiers stood aside, watching intently and whispering to one another. Every once in a while, they looked into the hole the diggers were digging to assure themselves of something. In the meantime, the son had sold the saddle and came back with a lot of food. The man offered some of the food to the soldiers, which made them happy.

Right at sunset the diggers yelled, “We’ve found it; we’ve found it.” Full of curiosity the man asked, “What is it?” The diggers took out 20 jugs filled with golden dinars (2). They sent a messenger to let the Caliph know that they had found the money.  The Caliph had sent them to dig in the house based on a map he had found in his father’s closet.

The soldiers got up to leave but one of them said, :Do we just leave this man who hosted us and fed us?” The other asked, “And what can we do?” He said, “We can take a handful of dinars from each jug and give it to him. This way we will make him rich; the ruler ordered me to do this.” Each of the soldiers took a handful of money from one of the jugs and put the money in the man’s lap. Then the soldiers left. When the man counted the money it came to 20,000 dinars. The family left the small house that they were living in and returned to their hometown. There, the man bought houses for his children and himself and lived happily, always thanking Allah for the great blessing that Allah had endowed upon him.

(1) The Caliph is the Muslim ruler elected to govern.

(2) Dinars: gold coins.

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